The facelift is the order of the day among celebrities. More and more people are putting themselves in the hands of professionals to retouch their faces and change their silhouettes. And although many spend a fortune to get a new image, there is also a lot that ends up regretting the result. Without going any further, Aurah Ruiz and the photographs of her deformed lips after undergoing surgery, which was made public a few weeks ago.

The Importance of having a Good-looking Nose

Having nose surgery is one of the most famous surgeries, and it may be one of the first. This is because they live off their looks and need to show a profiled nose to stand out in the show and especially music business.

The latest victim of the fever of the scalpel has been the singer Cardi B. The 26-year-old New York artist is addicted to cosmetic surgery. Now that eleven months have passed since her first daughter was born, the singer has returned to qurófano for liposuction and breast augmentation. But Cardi B has had so many interventions that her body has said enough, and this time, the result has been dramatic. On her Instagram account, the artist explains: "Look how my feet swell every time I take a plane. Imagine the rest of my body. This is why doctors have told me to slow down in my shows." After considering a nose job, Rhinoplasty specialists in Florida advised her to wait some time before seeking another cosmetic procedure.

Know About Major Celeb Stories

Although deciding to have rhinoplasty can also be for health reasons, as is the case of Jennifer Aniston, who admitted having operated her nose for medical reasons since she had a deviated septum. On the contrary, there are cases like Kendall Jenner or Kim Kardashian, who underwent rhinoplasty to have a much smaller and more aesthetic nose than they had when they were younger.

Cardi B has had to postpone concerts to recover from operations. In social networks, the singer laments the aesthetic botch that has been done to her: "I will not do plastic surgery again," she says. The artist does not dare to publish the photographs of the rest of the totally swollen body after having the aesthetic done. But with the photos of the feet, there is more than enough.