The Aesthetic Rhinoplasty Botch Of A Music Star: “I Will Not Have Surgery Again.”

The facelift is the order of the day among celebrities. More and more people are putting themselves in the hands of professionals to retouch their faces and change their silhouettes. And although many spend a fortune to get a new image, there is also a lot that ends up regretting the result. Without going any further, Aurah Ruiz and the photographs of her deformed lips after undergoing surgery, which was made public a few weeks ago.

The Importance of having a Good-looking Nose

Having nose surgery is one of the most famous surgeries, and it may be one of the first. This is because they live off their looks and need to show a profiled nose to stand out in the show and especially music business.

The latest victim of the fever of the scalpel has been the singer Cardi B. The 26-year-old New York artist is addicted to cosmetic surgery. Now that eleven months have passed since her first daughter was born, the singer has returned to qurófano for liposuction and breast augmentation. But Cardi B has had so many interventions that her body has said enough, and this time, the result has been dramatic. On her Instagram account, the artist explains: "Look how my feet swell every time I take a plane. Imagine the rest of my body. This is why doctors have told me to slow down in my shows." After considering a nose job, Rhinoplasty specialists in Florida advised her to wait some time before seeking another cosmetic procedure.

Know About Major Celeb Stories

Although deciding to have rhinoplasty can also be for health reasons, as is the case of Jennifer Aniston, who admitted having operated her nose for medical reasons since she had a deviated septum. On the contrary, there are cases like Kendall Jenner or Kim Kardashian, who underwent rhinoplasty to have a much smaller and more aesthetic nose than they had when they were younger.

Cardi B has had to postpone concerts to recover from operations. In social networks, the singer laments the aesthetic botch that has been done to her: "I will not do plastic surgery again," she says. The artist does not dare to publish the photographs of the rest of the totally swollen body after having the aesthetic done. But with the photos of the feet, there is more than enough.

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The Korean Nose Job Wave: How South Korea’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Idol Industry Works

If you’re thinking, “Of course … BTS!” And you’re about to recite their names; I’ll tell you that we went to explore their world.

If neither the faces nor those three letters mean anything to you, I’ll tell you that they are part of a phenomenon that is difficult to ignore known as La O la C oreana, which is turning into a tsunami.

For the uninitiated, two words: Gangnam Style or Gangnam Style.

That music video by artist PSY, which was the most viewed video on YouTube from late 2012 to mid-2017, is just one link in a chain of successes that K-pop has accumulated in various parts of the world, from China to Chile. , from Ukraine to Uruguay.

The Korean wave is not just music. Korean television series, known as K-dramas, are also expanding across the globe, and rhinoplasty is all the rage.

What will be the secret of your success?

For a beginner’s guide to K-pop, we turned to Stacy Nam, a Korean-American who works in the South Korean capital Seoul in international marketing and public relations for the music industry.

“The names of many of the major agencies in Korea are the initials of the person who founded them, such as YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, both also former singers,” he explains.

Those three dominate the industry. However, that does not mean that the others have no chance. In fact, group BTS’s agency is small, and yet they managed to top the charts in the United States.

What role do these companies play?

In K-pop, if applicants are selected by a company, it takes care of everything. If they need any kind of touch-ups – like fixing teeth, improving their skin, some plastic surgery – the firm pays.

In addition, they teach dance and acting classes, teach them how to speak at variety shows, and pay for language courses.

Before and after Cosmetic Surgery

They may start young, but it will take up to 9 years to train before they are finally released to the public.

Ah! And having boyfriends or girlfriends is a big NO … highly contraindicated.

A perfect image, a lifestyle dictated by others, a restricted private life … too much?

“Once you enter the company, you have to show your value, and you have to sell. If that is what the public demands – a certain body, a certain face – you must do it,” Kim Ye-seul tells the BBC, an aspiring idol.

Given the spirit of submission, it is perhaps not surprising that the South Korean entertainment industry has had its fair share of abuse allegations.

One of her stars committed suicide, leaving behind a letter that said her agent had forced her to have sex with more than 20 VIPs.

And art?

Such stories are not enough to discourage thousands of applicants, or parents like Kim Ye-seul’s, who pay up to $ 500 a month at idol schools – places where they groom young people who aspire to be selected by agencies, which then they will train them.

Organic success

K-pop isn’t actually Korean-style music; it’s more like British or American pop.

For her, the global appeal of K-pop stems from the mix of familiarity with something new, and the success of South Korean pop culture as an export has been organic, with the government acting simply as a facilitator.…

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All Of Jennifer Lopez’s Operations At The Plastic Surgeon: More Than $ 100,000 In Touch-Ups And Treatments

Jennifer López, throughout her career in the music and film industry, has become a standard of beauty. And, while a general opinion has been created among her followers and the rest of the world that her aesthetic charm is completely natural, the truth is that she has received some extra help from the scalpel. Of course, since these interventions were of the highest level, they also meant an expense that only millionaires are able to assume with such simplicity.

At 51, JLo continues to be an example to follow for famous and non-famous people, but the myth about his naturalness is finally put aside.

Jennifer López cosmetic surgeries

The Bronx Diva is estimated to have spent more than $ 100,000 on interventions.

This important amount of money is distributed in 4 operations. The first is rhinoplasty, which she applied to refine her profile since the width of her nose was much greater in the beginning.

Later, and on the recommendation of aesthetic experts, he opted for surgery on the mentho, something quite common among stars on the big screen. He thus managed to make his chin slim and his beauty leap.

But this was not enough for her, as she felt that she also needed a breast augmentation. There were two more sizes that the surgeon asked to add; however, the work was so natural that some still have their doubts.

Finally, it was learned that her butt also received help. Since her acting debut, her body has always been praised, but mainly her explosive rear. However, she would have decided to refine some details that she did not like, which did not necessarily have to do with an increase.

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