All Of Jennifer Lopez’s Operations At The Plastic Surgeon: More Than $ 100,000 In Touch-Ups And Treatments

Jennifer López, throughout her career in the music and film industry, has become a standard of beauty. And, while a general opinion has been created among her followers and the rest of the world that her aesthetic charm is completely natural, the truth is that she has received some extra help from the scalpel. Of course, since these interventions were of the highest level, they also meant an expense that only millionaires are able to assume with such simplicity.

At 51, JLo continues to be an example to follow for famous and non-famous people, but the myth about his naturalness is finally put aside.

Jennifer López cosmetic surgeries

The Bronx Diva is estimated to have spent more than $ 100,000 on interventions.

This important amount of money is distributed in 4 operations. The first is rhinoplasty, which she applied to refine her profile since the width of her nose was much greater in the beginning.

Later, and on the recommendation of aesthetic experts, he opted for surgery on the mentho, something quite common among stars on the big screen. He thus managed to make his chin slim and his beauty leap.

But this was not enough for her, as she felt that she also needed a breast augmentation. There were two more sizes that the surgeon asked to add; however, the work was so natural that some still have their doubts.

Finally, it was learned that her butt also received help. Since her acting debut, her body has always been praised, but mainly her explosive rear. However, she would have decided to refine some details that she did not like, which did not necessarily have to do with an increase.

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